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From Single to Couple
Dating & Relationship Advice/Coaching

Find your perfect
life partner

Love doesn’t come with a manual, but our video coaching course reveals the secrets you need to know…

Have you had enough of bad dates, toxic relationships or
feeling lonely?

Do you sometimes look at happy couples and wonder why
it's not working out for you?

Does it feel as though you only attract unsuitable people?

Is your goal to meet someone amazing and build a healthy

secure relationship?

If you answered 'YES' to any of the questions above, you've definitely come to the right place; especially if you're tired of being stuck on the hamster wheel of dating!

Many of you know the cost of getting a relationship WRONG can be enormous... The benefits of getting it RIGHT are immeasurable!





...tailored for men and women, are designed to transform your approach to dating and lead to a HAPPY relationship:

Learn to identify red flags and avoid incompatible or toxic people…

Improve your self-esteem and discover how to bring out the best version of you...

Understand what drives the opposite sex instead of trying to guess what they're thinking…

Find out how to nurture an emerging relationship and move it to the next level instead of “blowing it” and lots more …

"Guys, I definitely recognise what you’re talking about. I’m so easily wooed and always rush into relationships only to be disappointed. Sometimes you have to be reminded of what’s important. Brilliant work! "

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Do you really want to do it right this time around and prefer a more personalised approach to finding your perfect partner?

There’s a lot of conflicting advice out there, but you can trust my skills and expertise. Trained by one of the world’s leading relationship experts, I use proven science based methods which work no matter how many failed relationships you've had or how badly you were hurt in the past.

Whether you're a man or a woman, single, divorced or separated, out of a long-term relationship, or newly dating after a long break, my one-to-one coaching sessions will guide you every step of the way.

Are you ready to stop going round in circles and take charge of your love life today?





Would you trust:

a) a driving instructor who'd never passed a test?

b) a doctor who'd never been to medical school?

c) a dating coach who's single?

d) none of the above

Surely the answer is "d". All of these professions require someone who's demonstrated an ability to succeed in their field.

“From Single to Couple" is THE ONLY course created by a married couple who'd successfully navigated the dating minefield and learned from personal experience how to avoid relationship disasters ..... and find happiness.


You'll get both the female and male perspectives, giving you all the ammunition you need to work on your strategy and understand what drives the opposite gender. Not to mention our amazing sense of humour!

  • Select your version: male or female

  • Optional coursework at the end of each session to help you focus on specific challenges

  • Watch 15 subtitled video sessions at your own pace

  • Direct access to us if you have questions

  • 24/7 lifetime access to the material

Where this all started...

We were those people, however, both realised changes had to be made, after all, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity! These changes led us to HAPPINESS, and we can guide you on that path too.


You might be worried coaching will set you back hundreds or even thousands as it’s not unusual for a relationship/dating coach to sign you up for a few months. There’s a good reason behind it if you want to take a personalised approach to choosing a life partner.

However, what if you simply can’t afford 1:1 coaching?

You’re still fed up with fake dating profiles and meeting unsuitable or unavailable people. You still want solutions and a healthy relationship!

That is why we created "From Single to Couple" step-by-step video course and made it super affordable for everyone.

Get all 15 video sessions for less than the price of a night out and watch or listen at your pace from the comfort of your home or while commuting…

Remember, less than the cost of one date night to stop stumbling in the dark, unveil the best strategies and a shortcut to happiness for the rest of your life!

…and if you have any doubts, pay attention to this: we offer a

30-day money back guarantee should you find the content irrelevant: just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund you.

Q / Why do I need a relationship/dating coach?

A: Just think about it for a moment… We turn to career advisors when looking for a new job and attend parenting classes when having a baby; we don’t hesitate to hire business, health and fitness coaches to ensure success. However, quite often very little or no thought goes into choosing the right life partner despite the utmost criticality of this decision for your future (and possibly that of your children). Most of the time, people “fall into” relationships blindly only to discover they don’t work, go through painful breakups, and back to the dating minefield… A relationship/dating coach can help you avoid the pitfalls and find a shortcut to happiness.

Q: How can you help me in matters of the heart?

A: “Listen to your heart rather than your head” is an age-old cliché which sounds charming until you consider the real message behind this phrase. “Head” obviously stands for your logical side, which helps you understand what you need from your partner; the part of you which will analyse their behaviour to see if they are good for you. “Heart” is supposedly referring to our emotional side, but in reality, is all about what feels good at that moment, and let’s be honest: most of the time it’s linked to physical attraction and hormones. “The butterflies” which feel wonderful and also tend to turn red flags into green. So, why has the "head" been condemned? We all know what happens when those hormones wear off: we start seeing things clearly and any incompatibility become obvious. Attraction is important, but don’t just listen to your heart – refrain from making any life-changing decisions until you get the stamp of approval from your head as well... This is exactly where we can help you see things objectively.

Q: I’ve given up on love, why bother?

A: Being single can be a great phase in life, yet if you’ve landed on this page, you’re probably hoping to find a partner. We completely agree, there’s no point being in a relationship if it just drags you down, and you feel happier on your own. In fact, science confirms that staying in an unhappy, mediocre romantic relationship can actually make you physically unhealthier, not to mention your poor mind and your self-esteem. Studies show that healthy relationships, on the other hand, contribute to overall wellbeing. Believe it or not, love and intimacy can alleviate some illnesses, improve your immune system etc. When you meet the right person, we guarantee you’ll feel safe, confident and energetic. Life is definitely easier with a reliable life partner by your side.

Q: What if I don’t want to settle down?

A: Dating goals can differ, so even if you’re not looking for life partnership at present, but rather someone like-minded to spend time with for now, you’d still want to ensure you find a partner who is onboard and shares your outlook, who is likely to enhance your life instead of making it difficult. Sometimes, it’s perfectly normal to keep an open mind regarding your future, especially if you burned your fingers in the past. Let’s call it self-awareness or self-preservation rather than selfish. If you’re happy and your goals are aligned, you’ll be making your potential partner happy too. Understanding yourself, your basic needs and sharing them with a partner is, in fact, the opposite of being selfish because you’re taking care of yourself and taking care of them as well by being honest and setting expectations upfront.

Q: Why should I trust you?

A: We're a relatable couple who survived past disasters, the dating minefield and got where we are (living the good life, that is). Years of research and experience demonstrate it CAN be done no matter how badly you were hurt in the past or how many failed relationships you had. Moreover, Mila is a certified relationship and dating coach, trained by one of the world’s most trusted relationship experts. She uses a science-based coaching method built on a ground-breaking study of marriage, divorce and new love. It offers proven practical strategies to find and keep healthy relationships.

Q: In what ways can I work with you?

A: There are two ways: 1. Access our 15-part unique dating advice and coaching video course for a one-off fee and watch or listen at your pace. You will find all the information at the top of this page in the section “What will you get” 2. Take charge of your love life today and book a free confidential 30-minute session to discuss your situation: click on "1:1 Coaching" in the menu.​ If you're unsure what's best for you, please feel free to contact us to discuss: or click on "Contact Us" at the bottom of the page.

Q: I’ve got friends who are always there for me; why do I need someone else?

A: There were times when we cried on friends’ shoulders, who were always supportive, but not always objective. Let's face it, close friends tend to take your side and will often say things just to make you feel better, so impartial advice can be hard to find. Rest assured, we offer a lot of empathy because we made numerous bad decisions in the past and experienced heartbreak and disillusionment. So, think of us as close friends – only armed with objectivity and experience.

Get FREE course extracts and find a DISCOUNT code inside

* Fear not! We will only email you the download link and further useful insights. Unsubscribe anytime.

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